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When purchasing a home, the schools are almost always considered first priority.  Choosing a school district is an important decision, and one that parents must take very seriously.  The school districts in the Bilmar Home building area located just south of Houston, Texas are the best in the state.  The districts have award winning schools focused on the further development of the students.  The teaching philosophy encompasses not only what is found in the school books but also incorporates skills for life.  Below is an article to assist you when looking for a new school district.

 Recommendations from the National Association of Elementary School Principals

 The following is advice from NAESP about choosing a school:

1) Check out the school district's annual report to compare the expenditure per pupil in each district you are considering. In many communities, this dollar amount will be closely linked to school quality. This information is often available on the state's department of education Web site. The National Center for Education Statistics offers a searchable resource called the Public School District Finance Peer Search. This resource allows users to find out the per-pupil expenditure for school districts of interest, how those figures compare to school districts that have similar demographic characteristics, and how the district's per-pupil expenditure compares to state and national averages. This resource is located at http://nces.ed.gov/edfin/search/search_intro.asp.

2) Check to see what services are available at the school. Look for guidance counselors, an on-site nurse, a librarian, and a secretary, and check to see if they work at more than one school. If any of these key personnel do work at more than one school, be cautious!

3) Check the structure of the school year. Do you want your child in a year-round school or do you prefer a more traditional school calendar?

4) If you are looking at a high school, check to see what percentage of the students go on to college.

5) Check the local library for books and videos on moving to a new school. Look for books for children as well as adults.

6) What is the school's discipline policy? (The school should provide a printed copy of this policy.)

7) How are students graded? (Ask for a sample report card and explanation of the grading system.)

8) How often are textbooks and classroom materials reviewed and updated? (There should be fixed schedules.)

9) Is there a school homework policy? (Some schools prefer to leave homework decisions to individual teachers.)

10) What is the school's safety policy? (Ask about rules for playground activities and strangers on school property.)

11) What extracurricular activities does the school sponsor? (Some schools have student councils and a variety of clubs for special interests like music, drama, and chess.)

12) How many students are assigned to a classroom teacher? (The smaller the class size the better, especially in the primary grades.)

13) Is the library/media center well equipped and organized? (Can children regularly check out books and use the center's resources?)

14) How do the teachers teach? (In many schools, teachers work with students in small groups or work in teams to teach larger groups.)

15) How does the school communicate with parents? (Is there a regular newsletter? Are parents' calls welcome?)

16) Is there an active parent organization? (Ask for a schedule of events and plan to attend the first meeting.)

17) Is there a before- and after-school care program? (This question can be critical for working parents.)

18) Try hard to tour prospective schools. Here's what to look for:

        * A warm welcome by the principal and staff members.
        * A clean, well-maintained campus.
        * Children who are actively involved in learning
        * Teachers who maintain good classroom discipline.
        * Classrooms and hallways filled with students' work.









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Honors and Distinctions

Bilmar Homes is not in the business of seeking awards but we are fortunate to have been consistently honored by our peers and the public over time. Our reputation is built on a tradition of quality, exceptional design and caring customer service. Our belief is that these accolades have been garnered as a result. We are committed to engage the right resources to meet the goal of building homes with care, providing lasting value.

GABA AwardsAdding to a rich history, Galveston County's Bilmar Homes has been named GABRA Builder of the year for 2009. This is the highest achievement presented to a builder from the association exemplifying excellence and dedication to the industry. These awards are presented annually to builders, developers, associates and sales professionals who have made a significant and creative contribution in residential home building through their achievements.

In addition to our 2009 award, Bilmar received Builder of the Year for 2005 AND 2006 from the GCHBA. Winning this award two years in a row is phenomenal and represents to the public the level expertise and quality Bilmar Homes consistently delivers.

Galveston County Builders Association GABRA Builder of the Year


Street Of DreamsWinner: Coastal Classic "Surprising pockets of luxury around every corner".
In a most unusual setting located in a marina community on West Galveston Bay, Bilmar Homes has done it again winning the Street of Dreams “Best in Show”. Bilmar Homes reflects consistency in their philosophy towards quality showcasing the latest trends in residential bay front construction, interior design, architecture, technology, and landscaping.

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